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Project 2 Details

Group Assignment – Subject to Negotiation

Aaron web Abdul web Akiva Netbooks Alan Netbooks Anna web Anzella web Ariel Software Calvin web Chris web David web Igor web Ilnar web James Software Jenny web Jina web John Netbooks Lindsay web Neel web Nico Netbooks Noah web Paul K Netbooks Paul H Netbooks Sasha web Shayan Software Steven Software Tal Software Vlad web Yoav Web

Software for Specific Classes

  1. Google Earth
  2. Movie Maker
  3. Premiere Elements (will need to be installed on a computer)
  4. Sketchup

Software to Explore

  1. Audacity
  2. Smart Notebook 10

Resources to be investigated

  1. Learn 360
  2. Naxos Music Library
  3. Gizmos

Web 2.0 technology to be investigated

  1. Voice Thread
  2. Diigo
  3. Animoto
  4. Prezi
  5. Gap Minder
  6. Bitstrips
  7. Symbaloo

Blog Entries 3 and 4

Work for Monday’s Class

Blog Post 3

After reading the article Shaping Tech for the Classroom and discussing ideas in class, choose the idea you think is best in each of the four categories ( Dabbling, Doing old things in old ways, Doing old things in new ways, Doing new things in new ways) and describe your idea in a blog post.

Blog Post 4

Read the Project 2 descriptions in the blog entry below.  I’d like you to rank these projects in order of your preference.  Some of the groups are limited in size and others have topics/software that must be completed so I can’t allow complete free choice on this assignment.

In your post, answer the following questions:

  1. Why did you rank the projects in the order that you did?
  2. How would your first project selection best make use of your personal skills and abilities?
  3. Is there any project you really don’t think you are suited for? Why?

Both of these posts need to be completed by 7pm on Monday so I can divide up the groups for Tuesday.

Project Two

You have the following choices for your project #2

1) Netbook Cart Team

Purpose: To take the netbooks through the next stage of deployment. Now that they are set-up we need to get them into the classrooms.


  • Check that each netbook is set up properly
  • Help construct the netbook cart
  • Develop procedures for classes who sign up to use the cart
  • Run and evaluate trial runs using the cart
  • Develop procedures for checking the condition of the netbook carts
  • Develop a training session for classes who wish to use the netbook carts
  • Deliver training sessions
  • Help in classes that use the netbooks

This project is best for students who:

  • like working with computer hardware
  • are troubleshooters – students who can think through a situation and solve problems before they occur
  • like working with groups of people

2) In Depth Software Development

Purpose: Several teachers have already indicated which piece of software they would like to use in the classroom or they have described an assignment they would like their students to complete.   Now we need to develop the expertise in the software so that we can train students and teachers how to use it.  We also need to develop more specific lesson ideas for some of the software.


  • Learn the assigned piece of software
  • Research how the software is currently being used in the classroom
  • Develop lesson ideas, in conjuction with the subject teachers, to use with the software
  • Help train the teachers and students to use the software (this may or may not involve teaching a lesson to a class)

This project is best for students who:

  • like working with software
  • are able to learn software without someone teaching them what to do (i.e. you learn software by playing with it or through online tutorials)
  • who are interested in the related course
  • would be comfortable delivering a lesson to a class (you don’t have to do this alone)

Software (you will choose one)

  1. Google Earth (Grade 9 Geography)
  2. Video Editing/Video Creation software (specific software to be chosen in discussion with teacher) (Media Studies) (History)
  3. Sketch-Up  (Engineering)
  4. Other – have any ideas?  Discuss them with me

3) Web 2.0 Tools

Purpose: To prepare a list of recommended web 2.0 tools and suggested uses for classes.


  • Choose a web 2.0 tool from my list here or another site that you suggest.
  • Learn to use the tool
  • Research current educational uses of the tool
  • Develop ideas for use of the tool at Mackenzie
  • Present your ideas to the class
  • Help narrow down a list of tools to present to teachers
  • Participate in a ‘lunch and learn’ session for teachers to present your ideas

This project is best for students who:

  • like to work with the web
  • are creative
  • can work collaboratively
  • are willing to present to teachers

Evaluation details to follow.


Monday — Blog post on preferences
Tuesday — Project selection
Wednesday to Friday — work periods

Due Date: To be determined

Blog Assignment

Assignment Description

One of the major assignments in this course is to keep a blog.  Based on the presentation in class and the information posted on the class website, choose a blogging platform and create your own blog.

Please leave a link to your blog in the comment section of this post.

You can make it public or private – choose which ever makes you more comfortable.  If you do make it private, please make sure your classmates and I are able to read it. The title of your blog is also up to you.

Your blog must be created by the end of class on Friday.

Blog Expectations

A well-organized blog including:

  • an about page,
  • use of categories and tags
  • an method of navigating your archives
  • an attractive design (you do not have to customize it)
  • a links section either as a separate page or a side menu that includes three links to sites that you use for school, three sites that you visit for personal use and a minimum of five links to sites that are related to technology in education (this isn’t necessary for Friday)
  • No filler (the comments and posts that are automatically generated when you create a blog)
  • A response to each blog prompt.


The structure of your blog will be evaluated according the the requirements listed above.  Selected posts will also be evaluated throughout the course. (More details to follow).  Other posts, like the first one, will be used in conjunction with my own observations and rubrics to determine project grades.

First Post

Rate yourself from 1 to 4 in the following areas based on your contribution to the first project and provide a written justification of your ranking.

  • Completion of task(s) and/or presentation of research. (did you finish your assigned tasks)
  • Cooperative participation in group (did you participate well with the group, share resources, etc.).
  • Creative and critical thinking (did you offer ideas, make suggestions, improve on your group’s final product)
  • Initiative (did you take responsibility for tasks, use your class time effectively)

Second Post

How do you feel about the course so far?  Are you enjoying it? How could it be improved?

Both posts due by Monday at the beginning of class.

First Class

A few videos to get you thinking about education in the 21st century.

How technology is changing…

How education has changed…

One idea for what education needs to do…

Your tasks for today…

  1. Complete the registration for the class website.
  2. Complete the questionnaire for the class.