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Teacher Websites

Please post links to any teachers’ websites in the comments to this post.


Current Student Placements

Please note:  As we learn more about what the teachers would like you to do, or more teachers decide that what we are doing is fantastic and they want to be a part of the project, we may change assignments.

The key to this project is to remain flexible!

Our first task is to review what the teacher requested and decide what questions we should ask our placement teachers.

Between now and the end of the week, I’d like you to set up a time to talk to your teacher.  You’ll need to make notes at this meeting and come back and discuss them with me.   Ideally the meeting will be sometime this week but if not, early next week.

On Thursday, Mr. Carpenter will be coming in to talk with all the geography placements.  There is a tight deadline on the first project.

Mrs. Ben David Jina Lee Lindsay Rosen  
Mrs. Papernick Steven George Yoav Cohen-Rimmer
Mrs. Levy Abdulkadir Abdi Tal Milman  
Mr. Freedman Christopher Avetikyan Sasha Haber Paul Huynh
Ms. Haveruk Paul Kim Calvin Ung Anna Toronova
Ms. Mancini Anzella Gasataya Igor Kizejev Nico Leone
Mrs. Elso-Ponzo James Chaves Aaron Lefler John Wang
Mr. Carpenter Shayan Masood Ariel Shain Ilnar Ulan Uulu
Ms. Hanna Jenny Hoang Noah Schafer Alan Wu
Dr. Burt David Jo Akiva Reiken  
Mrs Teper Neel Amin Vlad Popa  

Placement Blog Post

To create the best teacher-student groups for the IDC class placements, I need each of your to write a blog post answering the following questions.  Please be honest about your strengths, weaknesses and preferences so that I can make the best possible matches.

1.   From the topics listed below, which two would you be best at?  Which one would not be a good fit for you?  Explain why.

–         Learning new pieces of software
–         Developing innovative classroom lessons using technology
–         Finding ways to incorporate technology into existing projects
–         Designing and developing websites
–         Teaching teachers and students to use technology and software
–         Finding online resources for teachers
–         Teaching video creation and editing techniques using Movie Maker

2. On a scale of 1 to 10, rate your skills in the following areas (include a one to two sentence justification for your rating)

–         Creativity
–         Responsibility
–         Web design
–         Developing action plans
–         Teaching other people
–         Meeting deadlines

3.  Are you comfortable leading a group of students?

4.  Would you prefer to work on your own, with a partner or in a team?

5.  Which subject area would you be most comfortable working in?  Are there any subjects areas you don’t want to work in?

–         Geography
–         History
–         Media
–         Business
–         English
–         Biology

Post due by 10:00 am on Wednesday, October 27th

Blog Evaluation 1

The due date for the first blog evaluation is Sunday, October 31st by 9am.

You are expected to have all assigned posts completed and all of the blog components set up on your site, including RSS.

See attached rubric for further details.

To see all required blog posts, click here.


Evaluating Your Ideas

Now that you have developed some ideas for enriching learning with technology, it’s time to evaluate the ideas.  We will use two criteria to determine whether it is worthwhile pursuing your ideas: is your ideas realistic, does it enrich learning?


1)   Is the idea realistic?

  • Do we have access to the necessary technology in the school or at home?
  • Do teachers and students have the necessary skills and/or could we teach them the skills?
  • How much time would it take to plan, implement and evaluate the idea?  Is this a worthwhile use of our time?

2) Does the idea enrich learning?

  • Is it simply using technology to use technology or does the idea make learning more meaningful?
  • Do students learn new, valuable skills?
  • Are students more engaged in the material/assignment?
  • Are students better able to learn and understand the material/concepts?

If the idea meets these criteria, it is an idea worth pursuing.    If it could be modified to meet this criteria, it is worth revising.    If you idea doesn’t fit the criteria, it’s time to try something new.  Use the links in the previous post to find something that a teacher is already doing.  Could we adapt it to fit our needs?


A post on your blog on your idea (due October 25th)

A critique of two of your peers ideas in the comments to their posts.  Use the criteria above to constructively evaluate their ideas.  Put your evaluation in the comments of their post.  Put links to your comments in the comment area of this post so I can track them.  (due October 25th)

A blog post that is a recommendation to either pursue, adapt or abandon your idea.  (due October 26th)

  • If you say pursue your idea, how should we do this?  Create another post where you suggest a specific course and/or teacher to approach with your idea.
  • If you say adapt your idea, create another blog post incorporating suggestions that would make your idea better fit the criteria.  Then make suggestions for specific courses and/or teachers who could be approached with your idea.
  • If you say abandon your idea, find another one that might work.  Research what existing teachers are doing and find an example that might work in our school.   Create a blog post that describes the idea and has links to the original material.


Enriching Technology Blog Post

I’ve created a sample of the minimum that I expect in your blog entry on finding ways to increase technology use in the school.  Blog post due by the beginning of class on Friday.

All students must complete this assignment by the beginning of class on Monday.  Don’t worry if you idea is somewhat vague at the moment, we need a starting point so I expect to see a post from every student.

Idea:   Classes could have websites

Subject Area:  All subjects

Details:  Each class would have a website where teachers could upload copies of assignments and handouts.  There could be a calendar with important dates and a discussion and homework help area.

Technology needed:  Website creation tool, computer with internet access


  • Allows students to access materials outside of class
  • No need for teachers to make extra copies of handouts
  • Students who miss class can find materials
  • Students and teacher can communicate outside of class
  • Students can help each other with homework


  • Site would need to be updated by teacher (takes time)

What Needs to Happen to Make the Idea Work – Who is Responsible

  1. Initial website creation – IDC student in collaboration with teacher
  2. Train teacher on how to use site – IDC student
  3. Add materials – Teacher with IDC student support at the beginning

Here are links to technology in education blogs for some ideas and inspiration:

2¢ Worth
Dangerously Irrelevant
The Pursuit of Technology Integration Happiness
The Innovative Educator
Teach Paperless

Tasks For Tuesday and Wednesday

Application Editing

Project Coordinator:


Video Creation and Editing

Project Coordinator:


Technology Applications

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