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IDC Placement Wrap up (Paul Huynh)

  • Teacher: Mr.Freedman
  • Subject area: BTT
  • Technology used: Weebly, Googlesites, smartboard
  • Description of project:

Mr.Freedman’s Placement

My group and I started the project by having an interview with Mr.Freedman asking him what he wanted us to accomplish for him through this placement project. He wanted a class website, learn how to use the smartboard as well as incorporate technology into his BTT’s class’s ISP. I started off creating a class website for Mr.Freedman through googlesites which was very convenient to use. After that my group and I started to look for ways we can incorporate technology into his BTT class’s ISP. We decided to use Weebly a very useful web tool which can create free websites. After all of this was done we presented what we did over the past month to Mr.Freedman and his class and taught them how to use weebly to create a website for their company. I did a one on one workshop with Mr.Freedman teaching him how to use the smartboard with all of its basic functions such as, orientate the smartboard, show floating tools, change pen colour/style and incorporate interactive games where he can use to help his class(es) review for upcoming test or quizzes.

Mr.Freedman’s class website

Lyon Corporation (ISP template for Mr.Freedman’s class)

  • Possible uses in other classes/subject areas

Weebly can be used for any class as it is just a web tool to create websites. Teacher(s) can use this to create their own class website since it is so convenient and easy to use. Googlesite is also an easy tool to use to create a class websites if teachers want to make one. Weebly can also be used for advertising assignments where students just put up their advertisement online to show their teacher what they have accomplished.

Link to my portfolio:



Project 3 Groups

Website – Project Managers: Yoav and Shayan

  • Abdul
  • Stevenson
  • Paul K.
  • Jina
  • Tal
  • John

Video – Project Managers: Jenny and David

  • Anzella
  • Sasha
  • Aaron
  • Vlad
  • Akiva
  • Alan

Training Materials – Project Managers (Nico and Ariel)

  • Neel
  • Chris
  • James
  • Paul H.
  • Igor
  • Lindsay
  • Noah
  • Anna
  • Ilnar
  • Calvin

Placement Portfolio Summary (Neel)

Teacher: Ms. Teper
Subject: Grade 10 Science, and Grade 11 Chemistry
Technology used: Google sites, and Diigo

Description: Basically she wanted a class website, and also a research base tool she can use in her science classes. So I did the useful links, and a basic outline of the website. Then with the diigo I used her science website, and put a bunch of sticky notes, highlights, and bookmarks so she can see how everything works. I still have to make an appointment to show her how she can use this tool, and how useful it would be.

Possible uses in other classes/subject areas: This can be used in any other classes/subject areas because it’s just a class website and any subject areas can make a website for their class. Also any subjects can use Diigo, which can help them research a lot better. Personally I really like Diigo, and I use it myself when I had to do my biology ISP, it really can make a difference.

Link Diigo: Password: teacher
Username: WLMackenzie

Ms.Teper Website:

Reading Responses – Part 3

Don Tapscott, the author of the a series of books on the new digital generation, has written a response to the New York Times article we read.  Read the article New York Times Cover Story on “Growing Up Digital” Misses the Mark.

On your blog, answer the following questions:

  1. What are the three most important criticisms Don Tapscott makes of the Times article?
  2. Do you agree with Mr Tapscott when he says we need to change “the relationship between student and teacher in the learning process”? Why or why not?
  3. Of the two articles, which one demonstrates a greater understanding of technology and your generation?  Justify your choice.

Due: Beginning of class on Wednesday (project managers excused)

Placement Self Evaluation

Using the Placement Evaluation, grade yourself based on your work for your placement teacher.   Include justifications for each mark you are giving yourself.

Two ways to complete this task – using the google doc – copy it, complete it and share it with me  or create a post on your blog.

Due: End of class today (unless you are a project manager)

Placement Portfolio Summary (Nico)

Teacher: Ms. Mancini
Subject: Media Studies
Technology Used: WordPress, Windows Movie Maker

Description: What Ms. Mancini requested was to have an online forum where students could showcase their works. She wanted a place where everyone could upload their assignments, whether that includes video projects,  music files, or general assignments. The key thing that she wanted was a place for her student’s works to be showcased. Originally we suggested a simple YouTube account with a privacy setting limiting the videos uploaded only viewable to her Media Studies class. We all decided to go with a blog idea because it would provide more opportunity to upload and chat about a wider variety of things. Not only does a blog serve as a host to a video uploads, but class discussions and just fun things like a new song that someone likes can be shared on this blog. There is just simply a wider array of material that can be showcased on a blog. Thus, we created a simple, but sleek blog for her class to not only showcase the students work but allow for an extension on their class material. The blog created also allows students to comment on their peers work and critique them. It essentially provides personal learning environment outside of the classroom. If one kid know a certain trick on Windows Movie Maker he/she can share that with the rest of the class, through uploading a tutorial or example on the blog.

Possible uses in other classes/subject areas: The idea of a blog can be applied in virtually all of the social sciences courses or art courses. Our version of the blog is mostly about continuing class discussions, and showcasing the works of students online for the rest of the kids to examine, critique and learn from. Specifically, courses like Philosophy can be paired with a blog to create online discussions that can go on for pages. Similarly, courses like photography can be used in partnership with a blog to have an online art gallery where students can showcase their work as well as provide input on their peer’s projects. The idea of having a blog domain where students can discuss their problems can also be used for such courses like biology or mathematics. Oftentimes students will do last minute prep work for a test or assignment. A blog where students can discuss strategies and methods could prove very useful. Essentially the idea of a blog for a class is limitless, the aforementioned topics are just a few ways it could be used.


Jing Video of Ms. Mancini’s Blog


Placement Portfolio (Alan)

Teacher: Ms. Hanna
Subject: English
Technology used: Blogger, Google Sites, Prezi, Jing


Jenny, Noah, and I were placed with Ms. Hanna for our teacher placements.
Ms. Hanna requested that we set up a website and a blog for her students to view and comment on various posts.
Jenny was in charge of the website portion, Noah was in charge of the Prezi portion, and I was in charge of the blog portion of this teacher placement.
I chose to use blogger because it is one of the more user friendly blogging platforms and it can be linked with Google Sites.

Possible uses in other classes/subject areas:

Blogger can be used in all subject areas. As you can see with the video (link below), a teacher can easily implement Blogs into their curriculum. For example, a History teacher can tell his/her students to post a comment regarding group placements. The same History teacher can tell his/her students to post a reading response. Whatever the case, Blogger can enhance students’ learning experience.

Instructional Video:

I have decided to display my portfolio with Jing. I have voiced a video of the operation of Ms. Hanna’s up and  running blog.

Here is the link to the Jing video that I have created: