Reading Responses – Part 2

Blog post due:  End of class on Monday (project managers excluded)

Choose one of the following sections of the NY Times series:

Teachers’ Views on Technology in the Classroom

Watch the videos created by teachers on how they use technology in the classroom.  Are any of these ideas worth pursuing at Mackenzie?  Which ones and what would need to happen for these ideas to work.  Respond to at least two videos.  Remember, we want ideas that enrich and enhance student learning not simply to use technology so we can say we are using technology.


Read the debate First Step to a Digital Detox.  Pick two of the reponses and comment on them on your blog.  Do you agree or disagree with the author?  Why or why not?  What is reasonable about what they say?  Does anything they say seem unreasonable?

Follow up question:  Would you consider a digital detox?  Why or why not?



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