Tal’s portfolio wrap up for Ms Pettie

Teacher: Ms Pettie
Subject: English ESL D

Our goal for our placement was to introduce Ms Pettie and her ESL D English class to technology they could use for assignments related to Romeo and Juliet. She told us that the two assignments we should focus on are a comic assignment and a Romeo and Juliet skit that’s done every year for every play. Because Abdul and I used Windows Movie Maker in our English class last year for the same purpose, we decided to introduce it to her class. We also decided to introduce her and her class to Bitstrips, a comic design website. I chose to explore Bitstrips while Abdul chose Windows Live Movie Maker. We made Prezis for both technologies and prepared a presentation for her class. We also scheduled the net book cart for use for the period during which we were presenting. On Wednesday December 8th, we presented our information to her class, guided the students through using the technology and made sure everything was running smoothly. The students seem to have learned a lot and enjoyed using both programs.

The technologies we presented can be used for any class; however our presentations were geared specifically towards her class and students. Because her class was ESL, we focused most of our presentation in our speech and actually showing them the technologies, instead of packing our information into a Prezi or Jing video that would’ve been hard for the students to follow along with.  Because of this, our presentation can’t really be recycled unless we were to go to every class and present it again.

Prezi for the presentation:


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