Final Assignments

There are two summative tasks (besides the blog) for this class. You cannot begin these projects during class time until your project manager has confirmed that you have finished all work on Project 3.

Task One: Greatest Hits Presentation

Goal: Design a 5 to 10 minute multimedia presentation composed of your “greatest hits” from our class.

Due Date: Presentations will occur Wednesday, January 19th to Friday, January 21st

Format:  Multimedia. Possible examples include a movie, PPT, Jing, VoiceThread, spoken word, podcast or a combination of media.

You will be presenting in class; however, you may prerecord all of your presentation if you are not comfortable speaking in front of the class.

All technology must work during your presentation.  Be sure to check to see that it works before the day of your presentation.

Requirements: Your “Greatest Hits” will be combination of skills and projects from the entire course. It must include:

  • 2 examples from your placement
  • 2 examples from projects 1, 2 and/or 3
  • 1 other example from class – i.e., Staples Contest, Blog Entries, Enriching Technology Assignment

The rest is up to you!

Task Two: Course Reflection — To be negotiated on an individual basis.

The course reflection is part of your summative mark in the class.  It is a written assignment.  For each of the three categories, choose one question to answer. While there is no specific word count I am looking for, aim for 250 to 400 words per question.


  • Full sentences, proper spelling and grammar
  • Content that demonstrates a high degree of thought and reflection on your experiences in the course.
  • Specific examples to support your points

Submission Method

  • Either a Google document (be sure to share it with me) or a blog post on your blog.

Course Reflection Questions

General Course Experiences

a)       What part of the course did you enjoy the most? Why?  What part of the course did you enjoy the least? Why?
b)      What skills (technology and non-technology) did you develop?  How will these skills help you in your future pursuits?
c)       What did you struggle with in this course? Why did you struggle?

Areas for Improvement

a)       What changes could be made to the assignments in the course next year? Be specific.
b)      What changes could be made to improve the placements next year? Be specific.
c)       What advice would you give future IDC students? Be specific.
d)      This year the course focused on primarily on web 2.0 tools.  What area of technology should be focus on next year? Why?

Technology in Education

a)       Do you believe that technology can improve education by increasing student engagement in class, increasing student understanding of class material and/or improving student results?  Use specific examples from your own experience or your placement to support your ideas.
b)      A teacher is reluctant to invest the time and energy it takes to use more technology.  What would you say to this teacher to convince him/her that using technology is worth the effort involved?

Bonus Question

One of the main differences between this course and many others, besides the lack of tests, is the potential to do more than is expected of you.  At any point do you demonstrate superior leadership, involvement or commitment to this course that you would like me to take into consideration when determining your final grade.  Please be specific and clear in describing what you did and why it went ‘above and beyond’ the expectations of the course.


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