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Blog Post 5 to 7

For your next blog entry I’d like you to read the descriptions of each of the contests and start brainstorming ideas.  One post per contest, please. Remember to read all the requirements on the contest sites before beginning.

Come up with ideas for the entries for each contest.  For the Staples contest, you will not be able to access the site from school.  You will have to read the details at home.

For FutureShop, you need ideas beyond just the video – read the application first!



Here are three different contests we could enter to win money for more technology:



ONE student from each school must submit a 500-word essay on how the school has become environmentally responsible.

Deadline: December 23, 2010

Prize: $50,000 computer lab



Complete the application

Please provide a video (three minutes or less), and/or five photos to complement your written submission. Video and/or photos should support your application by showing the potential impact, show the school’s need and/or explain what the school is asking for or the potential plan as outlined in the written portion of the application. Quantity of video and/or image submissions does not correspond directly to an additional score on your application. Quality of video and/or images submissions does correspond to the score of your application.

Deadline: October 21st

Prize: $50,000 for a computer lab makeover



  • Be in the format of a music video that is either a song parody of an original song that demonstrates or envisions the use of technology in the classroom such as:
    • Your vision of a classroom that is creatively and effectively using technology to enhance learning
    • How your class uses technology every day to make the learning experience great
    • How your class used technology to make a class project better
    • How a class project could have been better with technology
    • How you plan to use technology in a class project
  • Feature the teacher submitting and at least 1 student. All students that are in the video must be in the grade or age category for which the video is being submitted.
  • Include ‘eInstruction’ at least once in the lyrics of the song and show the eInstruction® logo.
  • Show one or more of these products in use OR an image of the products below:
  • End by directing viewers to the contest website ( to vote for the best video.
  • Not exceed 2:30 minutes in length. Due to differences in rendering times for different video formats, entries that are one or two seconds longer than 2:30 may still be accepted.

Deadline: November 2nd

Prize:  Whiteboard, clickers and lots more worth $75,000