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Abdul Abdi Placement Wrap Up

Teacher: Ms Pettie

Subject: English ESL D

Technology Used: Jing, Prezi and Google Docs


When we first meet Ms.Pettie she asked us to help incorporate technology into her classes especially her ESL D English class. She also told us that her ESL D class was reading Romeo and Juliet and they would have two assignments, a comic strip and acting out a scene from romeo and Juliet. Tal and I told her that for the comic strip assignment they could use a program called Bitstrips and they could record their scene from the play and edit it using Windows Movie Maker. So , Tal and I decided that I would prepare a presentation on Bitstrips and he would make one for Bitstrips. We both made our presentations on Prezi and incorporated Jing videos into them. We then went to MS.Pettie’s ESL D class and presented our Prezi to them and we also gave them some time to get familiar with each program while we walked around and helped and answered any questions.

Possible uses in other classes/subject areas:

Bitstrips and WIndows Movie Maker could be and I assume are already used in most Media arts and Grapic Design classes. Also, most English classes do the same comic strip and acting out a scene assignment, so bitstips and Windows Movie Maker could also be used in there as well. Also students in almost all classes ( English, Social Science, Science, Languages and Business) could use Windows Live Movie Maker  to create videos that could help make a  more entertaining and captivating presentation. In conclusion, there is the ability to use these two softwares in most subject areas.

Portfolio Piece:

Actual Piece:



The “School Video” project managers (David and Jenny) are now recruiting for the following positions:

  • Screen writer
  • Camera man/woman
  • Video Editor
  • Actors/Actresses

We are looking for people with the following skills and traits:

  • creativity
  • video editting skills
  • aesthetic skills
  • steady hands for filming
  • stunning good looks

So! If you are interested in the positions listed above and possess the necessary attributes, please leave a comment below explaining your skills related to video making and other reasons as to why you are suited for this team.

Placement Wrap Up (Akiva and David)

Teacher: Dr Burt

Subject: Biology and Chemistry

Technology used: Powerpoint, google docs, diigo, jing, learn360

David and I were assigned to Dr. Burt for both chemistry and biology.  Our project was to present technology to the class that would help them with their ISPs, as well as any other assignments they have in the future.  We presented the technology in powerpoint format.  The technology we presented was:

-Diigo – for organizing their research and sharing the research with their group.

-Learn360 – for an alternate way of getting information when they cannot find what they are looking for on Google or Youtube.

-Jing – for more creative projects that require, for example, a tutorial.

-Google Docs – for an easier way to work on an assignment with a group.  Instead  of everyone sending their information to one person and that person putting the information together, the whole group can collectively work on the assignment.

The technology presented in these classes can be used in any class/subject area.  They are useful tools that make research easier and more organized, and make presentations more creative.  We encouraged the students we presented to to use these resources not only for their ISPs but for any assignment they get, in high school or post-secondary education.

Tech For You (bio): Here is the link for the biology presentation we created.

Tech For You (chem): Here is the link for the chemistry presentation we created.

Here is our portfolio.  It is a quick Jing video showing what David and I did:

November 19 PD Session for Teachers


Netbook introduction

  1. What the netbooks can and cannot do
  2. Setting up and using the netbooks
  3. Cleaning up the netbooks
  4. Signing out the netbooks

Useful Web Tools

1.  Diigo – Website Sample GroupSign up for an educator account

  • Diigo is a social bookmarking tool. Students can share links, highlight material and add sticky notes to web pages
  • It is a powerful tool for collaborate research

2.  Google Docs — Website Sample Word DocumentSample Form

  • Google docs is an online productivity suite with word processing, spreadsheets and presentation applications.
  • The power of google docs lies in the ability for students to work on the same document from different locations at the same time.

3.  Websites and Blogs — My Website for Economics My Blog for Economics

  • A website and a blog serve different functions.
  • Websites are excellent for posting class materials, assignments and notes.  Students can create their own pages for projects or study guides.
  • A blog is better suited for discussions and student responses to writing prompts.

Please take a moment to add your thoughts and feedback for this session in this google document.