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Blog Entries 3 and 4

Work for Monday’s Class

Blog Post 3

After reading the article Shaping Tech for the Classroom and discussing ideas in class, choose the idea you think is best in each of the four categories ( Dabbling, Doing old things in old ways, Doing old things in new ways, Doing new things in new ways) and describe your idea in a blog post.

Blog Post 4

Read the Project 2 descriptions in the blog entry below.  I’d like you to rank these projects in order of your preference.  Some of the groups are limited in size and others have topics/software that must be completed so I can’t allow complete free choice on this assignment.

In your post, answer the following questions:

  1. Why did you rank the projects in the order that you did?
  2. How would your first project selection best make use of your personal skills and abilities?
  3. Is there any project you really don’t think you are suited for? Why?

Both of these posts need to be completed by 7pm on Monday so I can divide up the groups for Tuesday.