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Placement Wrap-Up Portfolio (Noah)

Teacher: Ms. Hanna

Subject: English

Technology Used: Prezi

Description: My group, Alan, Jenny, and I were asked by Ms. Hanna to make her a blog, a website, and a Prezi, I was in charge of the Prezi. Essentially, Ms. Hanna needed a Prezi to teach her class about the Kite Runner as her evaluation by Ms. Green. She had basic knowledge of the technology, and I was there to help her with any problems she may had, and also to help fix it up where I thought I saw area for improvement. For the most part, she would tell me the features of Prezi she wanted to know about, and I would go investigate them and show them to her so she could decide weather or not she wanted them. Some of these things included animations, zooming, and overall presentation look. As her presentation is not of access to me, I have made a brief Prezi myself to show a couple of the problems she encountered, and some of the technology I investigated. The link is here bellow.

Link To Prezi

Possible Uses in Other Classes: This technology can be used in all other subject areas for teachers looking for an innovative way to engage their class. It would be most utilized probably in such things like business or science classes, or in an area where presentations on the computer are a more common occurrence.