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Placement Wrap Up – Lindsay

Jina and I had two teachers, so here are the two wrap ups:

Teacher: Mrs.Ben David
Subject: English
Description: Initially, Mrs.Ben David asked us to create a website for her to use as a class resource. We created a Google Site and then we put it aside to allow Mrs.Ben David to think of the most efficient uses. Afterwards, we met again and were asked to teach Mrs.Ben David how to use Prezi and to help her develop an assignment for her grade 10 English class.
Technology: Google sites, Prezi
Possible uses in other classes/subject areas: The website is specific to Mrs.Ben David and we did not create a specific assignment to go with it, so it would not be able to be used for other classes.

Teacher: Ms. Blejman-Kantor
Subject: Spanish
Technology used: Prezi, Jing, VoiceThread, Google docs
Description: Ms. Blejman-Kantor asked us to help her incorporate technology into her grade 11 Spanish ISP. Through our discussion, we wanted to identify which tools would not only be beneficial to the Spanish students for their isp, but a basic presentation introducing them to what they can create with web tools. Using Prezi, Jina and I found tutorial videos for Prezi, Jing, VoiceThread and Google docs. Once we taught the students how to use these tools, I used my resources from the ISP I completed last year for the grade 11 Spanish course to create a sample presentation for the new assignment. The web tool presentation is very basic and can be altered to be used in any class.
We sat down with Ms.Blejman-Kantor and altered the assignment and marking scheme, making it a very simple task: “You must use AT LEAST ONE Web Tool in your presentation, and you must use Jing or Voicethread to prerecord yourself reading one of the two poems you decide to focus on.
Possible uses in other classes/subject areas: The general how-to Prezi can be used in any class that needs the instruction, all that needs to happen is changing the title on the presentation.

Web Tools used: Google Sites, Prezi, Google Docs, Jing, Voicethread


Mrs.Ben David’s English site

Enriching Technology in Grade 11 Spanish

My Sample ISP presentation

My Portfolio Video explaining everything


Evaluating Your Ideas

Now that you have developed some ideas for enriching learning with technology, it’s time to evaluate the ideas.  We will use two criteria to determine whether it is worthwhile pursuing your ideas: is your ideas realistic, does it enrich learning?


1)   Is the idea realistic?

  • Do we have access to the necessary technology in the school or at home?
  • Do teachers and students have the necessary skills and/or could we teach them the skills?
  • How much time would it take to plan, implement and evaluate the idea?  Is this a worthwhile use of our time?

2) Does the idea enrich learning?

  • Is it simply using technology to use technology or does the idea make learning more meaningful?
  • Do students learn new, valuable skills?
  • Are students more engaged in the material/assignment?
  • Are students better able to learn and understand the material/concepts?

If the idea meets these criteria, it is an idea worth pursuing.    If it could be modified to meet this criteria, it is worth revising.    If you idea doesn’t fit the criteria, it’s time to try something new.  Use the links in the previous post to find something that a teacher is already doing.  Could we adapt it to fit our needs?


A post on your blog on your idea (due October 25th)

A critique of two of your peers ideas in the comments to their posts.  Use the criteria above to constructively evaluate their ideas.  Put your evaluation in the comments of their post.  Put links to your comments in the comment area of this post so I can track them.  (due October 25th)

A blog post that is a recommendation to either pursue, adapt or abandon your idea.  (due October 26th)

  • If you say pursue your idea, how should we do this?  Create another post where you suggest a specific course and/or teacher to approach with your idea.
  • If you say adapt your idea, create another blog post incorporating suggestions that would make your idea better fit the criteria.  Then make suggestions for specific courses and/or teachers who could be approached with your idea.
  • If you say abandon your idea, find another one that might work.  Research what existing teachers are doing and find an example that might work in our school.   Create a blog post that describes the idea and has links to the original material.