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Anna Toronova- Portfolio Summary

Teacher and subject area
In my group, we worked with two teachers altogether throughout our work assignments. For the majority of the time however, we worked with Ms. Haveruk. Ms. Haveruk is a Grade 9 English teacher- teaching both Academic and Applied classes, who teaches in the Portable. She did not have a clear idea of what she wanted technology wise in her classroom, but Ms. Haveruk knew that she wanted to add some form of technology into her teachings. Ms. Scocchia on the other hand, wanted a blog for her Co-Op classes. As a group, we tried to help both teachers accomplish their goals.

Description of project
For Ms. Haveruk, we were able to accomplish several mini projects. We were able to accomplish the following regarding implementing technology into her Grade 9 Classroom.

1.) Student Survey: After our interview with Ms. Haveruk, the first initial assignment we did with her classroom is giving out Technology surveys to the students. We were able to find out some interesting information from these surveys, including that although most of the students have the basic knowledge about computer technology, most of them lack the academic learning aspect of it. By that, I mean to say that although most students know how to use Word, Powerpoint and the Internet, most of them lack the knowledge of more obscure educational tools (Google Scholar, Diigo, Prezi, blogging, even Excel)

2.) Research Workshop- After giving out the Student survey and having another discussion with Ms. Haveruk, we decided to create a Prezi on ‘How to Properly Research Online’. In the Prezi, we included videos and information about Web Tools that would help the students research (including Diigo, Easybib, Google Scholar, and even Prezi) The link to this Prezi can be found here: Prezi!

We presented the above Prezi to the Applied class, and overall got a pleasant reaction. Although the class was a bit rowdy, at the end of the day they walked away with useful technology knowledge.

3.)Web Tools Research- Another mini assignment we were able to accomplish for Ms. Haveruk was researching on various Web Tools. We presented her with a detailed list during one of our meetings, and also provided her with a Prezi that other IDC students had created (Lindsay’s group)

4.) Blogs!- Helping Ms. Haveruk and Ms. Scocchia was the last part of the projects that we helped both teachers with. Both teachers wanted to explore making a blog on their own (so they can better apply it in the future) instead of us arbitrarily making a blog for them. For this, we set both teachers up with a WordPress account and gave them detailed information and links on how to create their blog. We also provided both teachers with our emails and other resources for troubleshooting in the future. For Ms. Haveruk, we hope to take her WordPress blog that she creates and help make an RSS Feed Newspaper from it. But that project is still in the processes of being made.

Technology used
Free Rice
Possible uses in other classes/subject areas
-Prezi can be used in other English/social sciences classrooms. Blogs can be used as examples to other teachers attempting to create their own blog. 🙂

Portfolio Presentation Link:

VoiceThread Anna


Placement Wrap up (Paul Kim)

Teacher: Ms.Haveruk(English), Ms.Scocchia(Co-op)

Subject Area: Grade 9 English, Co-op

Technology used: WordPress, Diigo, FreeRice, Prezi

Description of project:

Ms.Haveruk’s placement

We had an initial interview with Ms.Haveruk to get some general information, like what sort of projects she is doing and what she might want. However, she was very open with what sorts of technologies she wants to use , which made it a bit harder to narrow down our options. We decided to start off with a research workshop, to do some very brief introductions to web tools. Our mini-presentation took some time to set up because of technical difficulties, like mediocre wi-fi. Eventually, we just told students to look at the prezi that we made because we had to fix problems they had with the netbooks.

Here is the link to our prezi:

Later, we presented a variety of webtools of Ms.Haveruk, so she can decide for herself on which of the webtools would be useful for her. Going through each webtool with the entire class would have taken too much time, so I think teaching the teacher about the webtools so she can teach her class is a more efficient way of educating students on technology.

Ms.Scocchia’s placement

Ms.Scocchia just wanted a simple blog for her class. We suggested WordPress for her and her class because it would be easier to manage if someone had a problem/question. We walked her through making a blog, adding students to the blog so they can edit, and some other basic things, like widget editting,  theme changing, and page layout.

We suggested this link for her students to make a blog:

We might go help some more if Ms.Scocchia has any questions.

Possible uses in other classes/ subjects:

 I think a class blog/website is essential for every class, and is so useful for accessing class information. Prezi is also a nice presentation tool, and can be used as a teaching tool, and a student presentation tool. Our presentation can be used for any class because it deals with how to research, which is important for any course.

Link to portfolio: