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Placement Wrap Up (Ariel, Shayan and Ilnar)

Teacher: Mr. Carpenter (geography department)
Subject: Geography
Technology Used: Google Earth, Jing, Camtasia Studio 7, Wolfram Alpha, Gapminder



Mr. Carpenter asked our group to find a way to incorporate the grade 9 geography ISP into Google Earth. We researched Google Earth, as well as Wolfram Alpha and Gapminder for research. We created a tutorial video to teach the class how to use each tool. Ariel researched Google Earth, Shayan researched Wolfram Alpha, and Ilnar researched Gapminder. We each created a video, and put them together using Camtasia Studio 7.


As we recorded Jing videos for each webtool, we had trouble with converting the jing videos into AVI format. We needed to convert each video into AVI or any other common video format in order to combine the videos, and further upload them to youtube. To research and find a tool that would convert our video for free was the hardest and most time consuming aspect of this assignment. Although it was completely unrelated to the placement project, it introduced us to technology such as Camtasia Studio that basically converts and records video into a common format.


Here is the tutorial video:


Portfolio Piece:

We decided to further our project by creating a sample ISP that contained most of the details required by the rubric. This is the video that describes the different components of the sample ISP and how we did it.



Stevenson and Yoav – Geography Google Earth Assignment

We were working with Ms. Papernick and her grade 9 geography class.

We were told to create a geography project that would incorporate their current unit which was ecozones and technology. So we created a project that would have the students creating their own province/ territory which would have the same characteristics of the ecozone that you were given. The students would also have to submit a description as to why they picked that spot and the relative characteristics between the two provinces’ ecozones. The students would then have to create at least three cities and describe the three cities’ major industry and the reason. The project was successful and the students understood the concept really fast.

We used Google Earth for the entire project.

This could probably be only used in this class because it was created for specifically this class. But Google Earth can be used for other social science classes.