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Placement Wrap-Up (Jenny and Alan)

Teacher: Mr. Willms
Subject: Design and Tech
Technology Used: Google Sites

Description: Mr. Willms asked Alan and I to create a website for his Design and Tech Grade 9 and 10 classes. So we created one website with two seperate pages for each grade. Under each grade page are 3 sub-pages for “Forms & Documents”, “Class Calender” and “Announcements”.

Here is a Jing video that describes Mr. Willms’ Design and Tech class website:

Here is the actual link to the website:
(This website may be unaccessable because Mr. Willms’ may have decided to change the privacy settings.)
The website we created for Mr. Willms may be used as a template to create class websites for other teachers.


Placement Portfolio (Alan)

Teacher: Ms. Hanna
Subject: English
Technology used: Blogger, Google Sites, Prezi, Jing


Jenny, Noah, and I were placed with Ms. Hanna for our teacher placements.
Ms. Hanna requested that we set up a website and a blog for her students to view and comment on various posts.
Jenny was in charge of the website portion, Noah was in charge of the Prezi portion, and I was in charge of the blog portion of this teacher placement.
I chose to use blogger because it is one of the more user friendly blogging platforms and it can be linked with Google Sites.

Possible uses in other classes/subject areas:

Blogger can be used in all subject areas. As you can see with the video (link below), a teacher can easily implement Blogs into their curriculum. For example, a History teacher can tell his/her students to post a comment regarding group placements. The same History teacher can tell his/her students to post a reading response. Whatever the case, Blogger can enhance students’ learning experience.

Instructional Video:

I have decided to display my portfolio with Jing. I have voiced a video of the operation of Ms. Hanna’s up and  running blog.

Here is the link to the Jing video that I have created:

Vlad Popa – IDC Placement Wrap Up

My teacher was Ms. Teper. She is part of the Science Department.

What Ms. Teper wanted was a really simple website that she can use to upload class information so her classes can refer to the website when needed. I created the website on Google Sites and then I also created a document that I am sharing with Ms. Teper that allows her to communicate with me if she ever has any ongoing questions.

I decided to use Google Sites for creating the website because it is easy to learn and is more professional and clean than other site-making websites like

This can be used for really any other subject area where the teacher wants to make a website for her class. I think Google Sites is one of the best, if not the most suited for creating websites for school courses and other such educational purposes.

Jing Video:

Google Document:

Placement Wrap-Up (John)

Teacher: Mrs Elso-Ponzo

Subject: History

Technology Used

Description: Among Mrs Elso-Ponzo’s requests, she asked for more extensive Diigo training and an introduction on how to use Windows Moviemaker. Eventually however, I suggested to her to set up a website. I became in charge of that and it became the focus of my work. Because she didn’t have any criteria in mind, I made it relatively general use.

This is a quick video I made giving a walk-through of the site.

And these are links to a series of tutorial videos on how to do things with Google Sites




Google sites is a very versatile tool that can be used in a multitude of classes because of helps teachers with universal issues such as reminding students of work due. Links to useful websites can also be posted on the website and students can grab assignment sheets from the website as well.