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Placement Wrap-Up (Jenny)

Teacher: Ms. Hanna
Subject: English
Technology Used: Google Sites

Description: Ms. Hanna asked our group (Noah, Alan and I) to create help her with 3 things: class website, reading response blog and Prezi presentation. I was in charge of creating Ms. Hanna’s class website. Ms. Hanna specifically asked to have the following elements on her class website: a page for links, a page for homework assignments and a page for announcements. However, I also added in a Google Calender where she could mark due dates and upcoming important dates for her students to view. In addition, I showed her how to adjust her privacy settings, how to post entries, and how to update the Google Calender. After helping her with all this, she asked me to create a succinct tutorial page that shows how to start a Google Site.

Here is a Jing video that shows Ms. Hanna’s website:

(The privacy settings on Ms. Hanna’s website are strict so if I just give you a link to her site directly, it would be unaccessable. Therefore, I recorded a Jing video while logged onto the Google Account we made for her, which is linked to the Google Site.)

Here is the tutorial page that I created:

The website I created for Ms. Hanna could be used as a template to create class websites for other teachers. Alan and I used her website for our second placement with Mr. Willms as a template for his own class website for the Design and Tech classes. The document I made that shows how to create a Google Site could also be given out to teachers who want to try and make a class website on their own.