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Placement Wrap Up (Ariel, Shayan and Ilnar)

Teacher: Mr. Carpenter (geography department)
Subject: Geography
Technology Used: Google Earth, Jing, Camtasia Studio 7, Wolfram Alpha, Gapminder



Mr. Carpenter asked our group to find a way to incorporate the grade 9 geography ISP into Google Earth. We researched Google Earth, as well as Wolfram Alpha and Gapminder for research. We created a tutorial video to teach the class how to use each tool. Ariel researched Google Earth, Shayan researched Wolfram Alpha, and Ilnar researched Gapminder. We each created a video, and put them together using Camtasia Studio 7.


As we recorded Jing videos for each webtool, we had trouble with converting the jing videos into AVI format. We needed to convert each video into AVI or any other common video format in order to combine the videos, and further upload them to youtube. To research and find a tool that would convert our video for free was the hardest and most time consuming aspect of this assignment. Although it was completely unrelated to the placement project, it introduced us to technology such as Camtasia Studio that basically converts and records video into a common format.


Here is the tutorial video:


Portfolio Piece:

We decided to further our project by creating a sample ISP that contained most of the details required by the rubric. This is the video that describes the different components of the sample ISP and how we did it.



Placement Wrap-Up (Jenny and Alan)

Teacher: Mr. Willms
Subject: Design and Tech
Technology Used: Google Sites

Description: Mr. Willms asked Alan and I to create a website for his Design and Tech Grade 9 and 10 classes. So we created one website with two seperate pages for each grade. Under each grade page are 3 sub-pages for “Forms & Documents”, “Class Calender” and “Announcements”.

Here is a Jing video that describes Mr. Willms’ Design and Tech class website:

Here is the actual link to the website:
(This website may be unaccessable because Mr. Willms’ may have decided to change the privacy settings.)
The website we created for Mr. Willms may be used as a template to create class websites for other teachers.

Placement Wrap-Up (Anzella)

Teacher: Ms. Mancini
Subject area:  Media Studies
Technology used: Windows Live Movie Maker, WordPress

Description: For our teacher placement with Ms. Mancini, her media studies class was working on video projects at the time. She requested that we teach her class on how to use Windows Live Movie Maker as they would be using the netbooks during their class. She was also open to us sharing tips and technique suggestions with her class on shooting video and editing. Showing examples of videos edited by students might help the class understand the concepts we are trying explain. During our interview we discussed what kind of problems the students might face with their footage and with the program. Most students were probably not familiar or have never used the new version of Movie Maker. We were to give solutions to these problems in our lesson. In class we familiarized ourselves with Movie Maker and prepared a lesson plan.

Ms. Mancini also asked us to make a blog/website for her class as Nico has already describe in his post.

Possible uses in other classes/subject areas: The use of Movie Maker or any video editing software can be applied to most subjects including, English, Social Sciences, Art, and even Science courses. There have been many projects in these courses where making a video was required from the particular assignment or it was an option to present your information. Videos provide a creative and entertaining way of presenting a project.

Windows Live Movie Maker Tutorial:
Google Doc
As we gave the tutorial to the class we had a lesson plan at had. This tutorial is taken from that lesson plan and displays the basics of the progam that we taught to the class.

Placement Wrap Up – Lindsay

Jina and I had two teachers, so here are the two wrap ups:

Teacher: Mrs.Ben David
Subject: English
Description: Initially, Mrs.Ben David asked us to create a website for her to use as a class resource. We created a Google Site and then we put it aside to allow Mrs.Ben David to think of the most efficient uses. Afterwards, we met again and were asked to teach Mrs.Ben David how to use Prezi and to help her develop an assignment for her grade 10 English class.
Technology: Google sites, Prezi
Possible uses in other classes/subject areas: The website is specific to Mrs.Ben David and we did not create a specific assignment to go with it, so it would not be able to be used for other classes.

Teacher: Ms. Blejman-Kantor
Subject: Spanish
Technology used: Prezi, Jing, VoiceThread, Google docs
Description: Ms. Blejman-Kantor asked us to help her incorporate technology into her grade 11 Spanish ISP. Through our discussion, we wanted to identify which tools would not only be beneficial to the Spanish students for their isp, but a basic presentation introducing them to what they can create with web tools. Using Prezi, Jina and I found tutorial videos for Prezi, Jing, VoiceThread and Google docs. Once we taught the students how to use these tools, I used my resources from the ISP I completed last year for the grade 11 Spanish course to create a sample presentation for the new assignment. The web tool presentation is very basic and can be altered to be used in any class.
We sat down with Ms.Blejman-Kantor and altered the assignment and marking scheme, making it a very simple task: “You must use AT LEAST ONE Web Tool in your presentation, and you must use Jing or Voicethread to prerecord yourself reading one of the two poems you decide to focus on.
Possible uses in other classes/subject areas: The general how-to Prezi can be used in any class that needs the instruction, all that needs to happen is changing the title on the presentation.

Web Tools used: Google Sites, Prezi, Google Docs, Jing, Voicethread


Mrs.Ben David’s English site

Enriching Technology in Grade 11 Spanish

My Sample ISP presentation

My Portfolio Video explaining everything

Placement Wrap-Up Portfolio (Noah)

Teacher: Ms. Hanna

Subject: English

Technology Used: Prezi

Description: My group, Alan, Jenny, and I were asked by Ms. Hanna to make her a blog, a website, and a Prezi, I was in charge of the Prezi. Essentially, Ms. Hanna needed a Prezi to teach her class about the Kite Runner as her evaluation by Ms. Green. She had basic knowledge of the technology, and I was there to help her with any problems she may had, and also to help fix it up where I thought I saw area for improvement. For the most part, she would tell me the features of Prezi she wanted to know about, and I would go investigate them and show them to her so she could decide weather or not she wanted them. Some of these things included animations, zooming, and overall presentation look. As her presentation is not of access to me, I have made a brief Prezi myself to show a couple of the problems she encountered, and some of the technology I investigated. The link is here bellow.

Link To Prezi

Possible Uses in Other Classes: This technology can be used in all other subject areas for teachers looking for an innovative way to engage their class. It would be most utilized probably in such things like business or science classes, or in an area where presentations on the computer are a more common occurrence.

Placement Wrap up (Paul Kim)

Teacher: Ms.Haveruk(English), Ms.Scocchia(Co-op)

Subject Area: Grade 9 English, Co-op

Technology used: WordPress, Diigo, FreeRice, Prezi

Description of project:

Ms.Haveruk’s placement

We had an initial interview with Ms.Haveruk to get some general information, like what sort of projects she is doing and what she might want. However, she was very open with what sorts of technologies she wants to use , which made it a bit harder to narrow down our options. We decided to start off with a research workshop, to do some very brief introductions to web tools. Our mini-presentation took some time to set up because of technical difficulties, like mediocre wi-fi. Eventually, we just told students to look at the prezi that we made because we had to fix problems they had with the netbooks.

Here is the link to our prezi:

Later, we presented a variety of webtools of Ms.Haveruk, so she can decide for herself on which of the webtools would be useful for her. Going through each webtool with the entire class would have taken too much time, so I think teaching the teacher about the webtools so she can teach her class is a more efficient way of educating students on technology.

Ms.Scocchia’s placement

Ms.Scocchia just wanted a simple blog for her class. We suggested WordPress for her and her class because it would be easier to manage if someone had a problem/question. We walked her through making a blog, adding students to the blog so they can edit, and some other basic things, like widget editting,  theme changing, and page layout.

We suggested this link for her students to make a blog:

We might go help some more if Ms.Scocchia has any questions.

Possible uses in other classes/ subjects:

 I think a class blog/website is essential for every class, and is so useful for accessing class information. Prezi is also a nice presentation tool, and can be used as a teaching tool, and a student presentation tool. Our presentation can be used for any class because it deals with how to research, which is important for any course.

Link to portfolio:

Placement Wrap-Up (Jenny)

Teacher: Ms. Hanna
Subject: English
Technology Used: Google Sites

Description: Ms. Hanna asked our group (Noah, Alan and I) to create help her with 3 things: class website, reading response blog and Prezi presentation. I was in charge of creating Ms. Hanna’s class website. Ms. Hanna specifically asked to have the following elements on her class website: a page for links, a page for homework assignments and a page for announcements. However, I also added in a Google Calender where she could mark due dates and upcoming important dates for her students to view. In addition, I showed her how to adjust her privacy settings, how to post entries, and how to update the Google Calender. After helping her with all this, she asked me to create a succinct tutorial page that shows how to start a Google Site.

Here is a Jing video that shows Ms. Hanna’s website:

(The privacy settings on Ms. Hanna’s website are strict so if I just give you a link to her site directly, it would be unaccessable. Therefore, I recorded a Jing video while logged onto the Google Account we made for her, which is linked to the Google Site.)

Here is the tutorial page that I created:

The website I created for Ms. Hanna could be used as a template to create class websites for other teachers. Alan and I used her website for our second placement with Mr. Willms as a template for his own class website for the Design and Tech classes. The document I made that shows how to create a Google Site could also be given out to teachers who want to try and make a class website on their own.