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Project 3 – Evaluation

As part of the planning stage, you need to decide as a group how you will be evaluated.  In the course I have used two different types of evaluation tools:

  1. Rubrics — Blog RubricEnriching Tech Rubric
  2. Score Sheets — Web 2.0 EvaluationNetbook Team Evaluation

Choose one of these tools.

For your evaluation you need to have at least one expectation in each of the four categories

  • Knowledge and Understanding – research, ICT concepts
  • Thinking and Inquiry – planning, processing, critical and creative thinking
  • Communication – expression and organization, different audiences, use of conventions
  • Application – familiar contexts, transfer to new contexts, connections

Within each of these categories you want to be specific about what I should be looking for.

The end product needs to be evaluated as do some aspects of the planning and implementing processes.

Some things to consider – do you want:

  • a peer evalauation grade
  • a self evaluation grade
  • separate grades for each group member or one mark for the group



Project 3 – Planning and Brainstorming Session

Today will be the first day to work as a group on your project.  For a project, it is always tempting to dive into the creation part of the process.  Successful projects begin with a planning stage first.  So, before beginning work on your project you need to create a Project Plan and brainstorm some ideas.

Step 1: Brainstorming Session

A brainstorming session means you are open to any idea.  A good way of keeping track of brainstorming is to use a mind map or other diagramming tool.  You can do this on pen and paper, with the Smartboard, using Smart Ideas 5 on your computers or Webspiration.   I do expect you to hand in your final brainstorming document.

After brainstorming you need to start narrowing down your ideas into key goals.  What should your project accomplish? What should the final product look like?  These goals can be revised over the next few days.

Step 2: Planning

Start with the research component.  What information should you look for?  All group members should be involved in this stage.

After doing your research, refine your goals and begin to develop the rest of your plan.

How do you want to be evaluated?  What should I look for in your final project?

Using the project plan template, start developing your project plan.  This plan should be updated and changed as your project evolves.

Project 3 Outline

Stages in Project Management


Develop the project plan. Start with your goals – what should your end product look like?  Who is it for?  What needs do they have?  There should be a research component in this stage (i.e. ask people involved what they need) and/or look at what other schools/organization do.

You also need to plan how you wish to be evaluated.


Break the project down into tasks.  Who will be responsible for each part? How much time will people need? What resources/information will they need?  In what order do the tasks need to be completed?


This is the stage when you actually do the work.  Everyone should have clear tasks that they are assigned in a logical order.


Control is an ongoing process throughout the implementation stage.

How will you monitor progress?  How will you keep each other informed of your efforts?  What happens when someone doesn’t complete their tasks?  What happens when what is produced doesn’t meet your required standards?

Close Out

How will you know the project is finished?  Do you want to celebrate your work in any way?


  • A polished, professional final product
  • An evaluation plan – rubric or marking scheme (how do you want to be evaluated?)  Consult the course expectations to see what you can base the evaluation on.
  • Brainstorming materials – can be electronic or on paper.
  • Project plan – updated and revised as the project progresses

Project 3 Groups

Website – Project Managers: Yoav and Shayan

  • Abdul
  • Stevenson
  • Paul K.
  • Jina
  • Tal
  • John

Video – Project Managers: Jenny and David

  • Anzella
  • Sasha
  • Aaron
  • Vlad
  • Akiva
  • Alan

Training Materials – Project Managers (Nico and Ariel)

  • Neel
  • Chris
  • James
  • Paul H.
  • Igor
  • Lindsay
  • Noah
  • Anna
  • Ilnar
  • Calvin

Training Materials Project Recruitment

For the training materials project, we are compiling information about the various web tools that we studied in this course. To be able to thoroughly complete the project we need one person from every group that studied a web tool (Jing, Diigo, etc), and a SmartBoard training manual, as well as information on netbook procedures. We need people who are knowledgeable about specific web tools, and those who know how to operate the SmartBoard. No specific skills required


The “School Video” project managers (David and Jenny) are now recruiting for the following positions:

  • Screen writer
  • Camera man/woman
  • Video Editor
  • Actors/Actresses

We are looking for people with the following skills and traits:

  • creativity
  • video editting skills
  • aesthetic skills
  • steady hands for filming
  • stunning good looks

So! If you are interested in the positions listed above and possess the necessary attributes, please leave a comment below explaining your skills related to video making and other reasons as to why you are suited for this team.