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Placement Wrap-Up (John)

Teacher: Mrs Elso-Ponzo

Subject: History

Technology Used

Description: Among Mrs Elso-Ponzo’s requests, she asked for more extensive Diigo training and an introduction on how to use Windows Moviemaker. Eventually however, I suggested to her to set up a website. I became in charge of that and it became the focus of my work. Because she didn’t have any criteria in mind, I made it relatively general use.

This is a quick video I made giving a walk-through of the site.

And these are links to a series of tutorial videos on how to do things with Google Sites




Google sites is a very versatile tool that can be used in a multitude of classes because of helps teachers with universal issues such as reminding students of work due. Links to useful websites can also be posted on the website and students can grab assignment sheets from the website as well.