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IDC Placement Wrap up (Paul Huynh)

  • Teacher: Mr.Freedman
  • Subject area: BTT
  • Technology used: Weebly, Googlesites, smartboard
  • Description of project:

Mr.Freedman’s Placement

My group and I started the project by having an interview with Mr.Freedman asking him what he wanted us to accomplish for him through this placement project. He wanted a class website, learn how to use the smartboard as well as incorporate technology into his BTT’s class’s ISP. I started off creating a class website for Mr.Freedman through googlesites which was very convenient to use. After that my group and I started to look for ways we can incorporate technology into his BTT class’s ISP. We decided to use Weebly a very useful web tool which can create free websites. After all of this was done we presented what we did over the past month to Mr.Freedman and his class and taught them how to use weebly to create a website for their company. I did a one on one workshop with Mr.Freedman teaching him how to use the smartboard with all of its basic functions such as, orientate the smartboard, show floating tools, change pen colour/style and incorporate interactive games where he can use to help his class(es) review for upcoming test or quizzes.

Mr.Freedman’s class website

Lyon Corporation (ISP template for Mr.Freedman’s class)

  • Possible uses in other classes/subject areas

Weebly can be used for any class as it is just a web tool to create websites. Teacher(s) can use this to create their own class website since it is so convenient and easy to use. Googlesite is also an easy tool to use to create a class websites if teachers want to make one. Weebly can also be used for advertising assignments where students just put up their advertisement online to show their teacher what they have accomplished.

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